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Pre-Conference Event: AIDS 2020 Event San Francisco/Oakland, USA

Effective Promotion of Biomedical Prevention Strategies Amongst Black and Migrant Communities in Europe, North America and Africa

Pre-Conference Event: AIDS 2020 Event San Francisco/Oakland, USA
Pre-Conference Event: AIDS 2020 Event San Francisco/Oakland, USA

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD


About the event

Organised by

PrEP in Black (USA), Africa Advocacy Foundation (UK),  JSI-USAID DISCOVER-Health Project (Zambia), Mutoko District Hospital (Zimbabwe) and HIV Survivors & Partners Network (South Africa)


Background: Black and Migrant communities in North America, Europe and Africa account for the vast majority of global populations living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Despite a global push to drive biomedical prevention uptake, there has been substantial challenge faced in increasing awareness and utilization of such strategies amongst populations of African descent. Recent data across North America, Europe and Africa have demonstrated that an increase in PrEP awareness and uptake amongst men who have sex with men (MSM) may be associated with decreases in new HIV diagnoses. In direct contrast, similar successes have not been observed among Black and Migrant communities, and other populations most at risk for HIV, especially women.

There are many reasons for poor uptake of PrEP amongst Black and Migrant populations, some of which are not well understood. There is hesitancy and resistance attributable to many factors which include but are not limited to: lack of affordability, lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate PrEP information, low acceptability and poor knowledge among health providers, access, stigma around PrEP use, gender-based violence, bodily autonomy, concerns around cost and adherence.

This PrEP Pre-conference summit at the AIDS2020 Conference, the largest global HIV/AIDS convening, will offer a unique opportunity for key health practitioners, community stakeholders, key opinion leaders, and potential PrEP users, living as, with, and/or working in Black and Migrant communities across North America, Europe and Africa, to convene and explore global experiences of PrEP including barriers, facilitators, and solution focused strategies discussed from the direct perspectives of those impacted populations. 

Learning objectives or Summit: 

  • Overview the science of PrEP use and its relevance to HIV prevention and acceptance in affected communities 
  • Identifying barriers to implementing a successful PrEP awareness campaigns in Black and Migrant Communities
  • Sharing experiences of implementing successful PrEP awareness campaigns and promotion in communities where there are challenges related to HIV stigma, discrimination, high undiagnosed rates of HIV, late diagnosis and limited treatment access
  • Discuss how key stakeholders – healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, and community advocates, can collaborate with PrEP scale up among global Black and Migrant populations

Who should attend:

  • Community Advocates 
  • PrEP Healthcare Providers
  • General healthcare/Clinicians
  • Social services provider
  • Policy-makers. 
  • People living with HIV
  • Black and Migrant Populations
  • People with undiagnosed HIV 


Deadline for the Summit registration is 15th June 2020.

Steering Committee Members:

Danielle Campbell, PrEP in Black (USA) Co-Chair 

Elias Phiri, Barts NHS Trust & AAF (UK) Co-Chair 

Denis Onyango (UK)                                                   Mwansa Njelesani (Zambia)

Jeremiah Johnson (USA)                                            Kenyon Farrow (USA)

Mandisa Dukashe (South Africa)                                 Shirodica Zhou (Zimbabwe)

Pahlia Kenny (Australia)                                              Chamut Kifetew (UK)

Medical Advisory Members:

Dr Hyman Scott, UCSF/CFAR (USA)                           Dr Akua Gyamerah, UCSF/CFAR (USA)

Dr Ming Lee, Guy’s&St Thomas’ NHS Trust (UK)         Dr Felicia Bamgbose, Barts Trust NHS (UK)

For more information and clarifications, please contact Danielle Campbell-  for USA participants or Elias Phiri -, for non-USA participants.

PrEP in Black and Migrants Summit has been made possible by the generous support from:

Gilead (USA)

Guy’s&St.Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust (UK)

CSF-Gladstone Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)(UK)

Treatment Action Group (USA)

  • Information collected as part of summit registration, is for use for the summit only.
  • If you are having problems to complete this summit registration form, please contact the summit organisers.

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